What is a PsyKit?
What is a PsyKit?

It has been over a year since the first launch of our new classroom resource-"The PsyKit", but do you actually know what one is? If you find yourself asking the questions what's inside a PsyKit, how do I use one within my lessons and why should I spend my budget on this resource, then click below and all will be revealed (hopefully).

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Latest reviews from PsyKit customers ...

"A fantastic teaching resource!K. Walsh: creator of A-level Psychology.co.uk

"Excellent Value for money" C. Barker, Head of Psychology, Wells Cathedral School

"Excellent quality products" M. Kenny, Head of psychology, Redborne Upper Schoo

"The students enjoyed playing with the games, the resources were useful and the usability was excellent". R .Aitken, Psychology Teacher, Teesside High School.

"Excellent academic content, value for money and response from students". C. Barker, Head of Psychology, Wells Cathedral School

Coming soon ... PsyKittens

PsyKittens are practical teaching tools linked closely with psychology syllabi. Taken from our best selling PsyKits, each kitten includes full instructions and suggested activities.. all at a very affordable price to make the Puuuuurrfect teaching resources!

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