Dr Julia Russells Free Teaching Downloads
Free Psychology lesson plans to use with your psychology classroom.
Dr Julia Russells Free Teaching Downloads

Visit the classroom extras section of our website (found along the top navigation bar), to find free resources including optical illusions, famous faces in psychology, educational jokes, games & of course our monthly column created by Dr Julia Russell.

Each month our regular psychology subject consultant Dr Julia Russell (head of Psychology, examiner and text nook author) creates free psychology lesson plans to download from the Uniview website.

This month's article includes "Bandura, Ross & Ross (1961) then and now".
A first in the new series of downloads from Julia entitled "Then & Now". Featuring the work of Bandura, Ross & Ross (1961). This classic study demonstrates the acquisition of aggression through social learning. This article summarises the key research and findings and goes on to explores whether the effects on aggression were lasting.

An excellent article to use with your psychology A-level students which includes activities, classroom questions along with a stretch & challenge task.

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